Specialty Knives for Scuba Diving

It is not only about having a good specialty knife for scuba diving, it is also about having the one that fits your needs and goes well with your gear.  As a scuba diver, you know the importance of carrying a good knife with you during your adventures. They are a necessary gear if you want to make your experience a pretty good one.  Let’s briefly discuss what are some the best specialty knives for scuba diving.  From there, you can make a decision on which ones would you like to get for yourself.

But before we do that, let us delve into what must you look for in a dive knife.


Picking the best material can be a tricky task since there are certain aspects that you need to consider.  Alas, you might not find a knife that meets them all.  A knife made of titanium or other specialty steels will strongly resist corrosion but will not have the resistant required to keep it sharp.  A stainless steel one, on the other hand, guarantees and edge but will corrode more easily in salty waters.


The size of the knife you want is important.  A large knife might be best for a better grip, but a small one will cut just as well as a large man.

Rust resistant

Titanium and some steel alloys provide a great resistance to corrosion.  It is, however, important that you take special care of your knife to prevent corrosion.  Rinse your knife right after getting out of the ocean with clean water making sure that you remove all salt remains in it.

Blade design

This largely depends on what you are going to be using your knife for.  Make sure that your knife has a good hand grip and that you will safely keep it without falling.  If you are going to be performing activities that require heavy cutting and sawing, go for a rugged knife, with a thick blade, and great grip.  If you are taking one just for small emergencies such as cutting off alga entanglements, then you can go for a more compact one.  You might feel tempted to getting yourself a foldable design.  This is all right but keep in mind that most foldable knives will require you to use both hands to open them.  Attempting this with one hand might pose a cut hazard on you.

Now, these are some general designs that you can choose from:

Pointed Tip

Use this knife for spearfishing.  They are usually thing and easy to carry.  Just make sure you do not pierce through your equipment with it.

Blunt Tip

These are more suitable for prying and digging.  It is, of course, safer than the pointed tip as there is no risk of puncturing the diving gear.

Compact or BCD

These can easily be attached to a BCD or a hose.  They are very practical, especially when traveling.


Use these to cut through algae or plants. They are the best for precise cutting underwater.

If you want to get the best specialty knives for scuba diving and the best snorkel gear, look for the professionals and the best retail seller.  Think of your satisfaction and your safety.