How to Safely Store Your Weapons

Preventing firearm accidents should be your top priority as a weapon owner. As a weapon owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your firearms are safely stored. Without proper storage, accidents may happen and it can be a regret of your lifetime. Therefore, storing your weapons safely should be one of your top priority.

Firearms should be treated with respect. When a gun is in use, one should carefully follow a set of rules and common sense in order to avoid any unwanted circumstances that might lead to grave results. With that in mind, let’s see some of the common storage systems and see which one is the best for you.

Trigger Locks

This type of weapon storage system fulfills a single objective – to prevent a gun from firing. Most of the time, guns come with a trigger lock when purchased. Trigger shoes clamp and lock the trigger to prevent the trigger from being pressed. However, you should not use this lock on a loaded gun as they come in contact with the trigger when you install or remove them. If you don’t have trigger locks, you can use a simple household lock looped over the trigger guard with the hasp set behind the trigger. They are a good tool to prevent the gun from firing. However, it does nothing to prevent someone from stealing your gun.

Soft Side and Hard Side Gun Cases

You can easily find affordable gun cases in most sporting goods stores. You can choose from padded fabric sleeves to rugged foam-lined plastic cases. They do a good job of preventing dings and scratches and other physical damage but as a security device, they’re not the best. However, they can do a good job to keep small children from getting their hands to the firearm.

Strong Boxes and Metallic Gun Cases

They try to balance security and portability. These type of cases offers a reliable locking system or provides an option to attach heavy padlocks. There are also strong boxes specially made for handguns that can be permanently mounted to a fixed surface. Others have an electronic push-button access and fingerprint scanners.

Strong boxes and metallic gun cases provide a perfectly safe gun storage device as they can prevent unauthorized access, protect the gun’s finish from damage and they can be mounted to a fixed object or surface to prevent theft. However, more features mean higher costs, but when it comes to the safety that they offer, it’s all well worth it.

Gun Safes

These are the most secure gun storage option available to many gun owners. However, they are pretty expensive. But even the most basic gun safes offer a protection and security multifold better compared to other weapon storage options. A locked safe means that no one can touch the gun, let alone load it and fire it. It can also perfectly protect the gun from physical damage with its upholstered interior and built-in gun racks and lastly, they will surely prevent any theft attempts.

Those are some of the options you have to help you secure your weapons and store them safely. Though some of them come with a price, that price you paid can never be enough to replace any possible mishaps that can occur when they are not properly protected and stored.