Tips for Selecting a Good Knife For Your Next Fishing Trip


The fisherman and his knife is a pair you can’t separate. A fisherman without a knife is and anomaly and aside from choosing different types of fishing reels from fishing review sites, you need to choose good knife for your next fishing trip.

One of mankinds most ancient tool, the knife is known for its versatility. To have a good knife in your fishing trip or any adventure for that matter is like having a lifesaver which will truly make a difference. You can’t afford to be empty handed when fishing. Its better to have a knife and not need it, than to need it and not have it. And when we talk about fishing, its impossible not to need a knife. Here are some tips in choosing your knife for your next fishing tip.

  1. Choose the right length—The length of the knife is one of the indicator of how easy you will use it. If its too short, it might be too small for your purpose. If its too long, it might be inconvenient to use. As a rule of the thumb, a 4-inch knife is usually an all around length for fishing purposes.
  2. Choose the right handle—There are many handle designs for knives. If you intend to use it for fishing, a strait handle usually does the trick. You have to remember that you are not looking for a decorative knife but a utility one so the simpler the handle, the better.
  3. Choose the right material—Carbide steel holds the edge better than stainless and its easier to sharpen too. Between the two material, I believe that carbide steel is the better choice.
  4. Choose the right blade type—Serated blade is not the best choice for cleaning the fish. This is only good for cutting rope so what you need is a non-serated edge. You also need to avoid choosing those that have long dull tip towards the handle. This reduces the knife’s cutting ability which definitely defeats the purpose.

These are some of the tips to consider when choosing a good knife for your next fishing trip. You need to consider the price of the knife that you want to buy. There are well-priced knives that you can choose from without sacrificing quality. If you follow these tips, you can be sure to land on a good knife without spending too much.

What’s the Best Tactical Knife?

For people who’ve seen all three The Expendables Movie Jason Statham’s character, Lee Christmas, loves knives. He had a lot of fighting scenes where he used knives to deliver the final blow to his enemies.

The knife took center stage in the movie which is much like a scene at a bar where a group of men who love the outdoors or work a hazardous job discuss about knives they own. Its machismo overload as they try to see which of their tactical knives is actually better.

Military men and outdoor enthusiasts share a lot of things in common and one of them is the need to have a tactical knife as a part of their gear. A handy tactical knife is crucial since it can help them carry out a lot of tasks needed for their job and prevent them from getting harmed while on duty.

These reasons compel them to research for the best tactical knife money can buy. However, a lot of factors need to be considered when buying a tactical knife. You have to look for certain characteristics that make it a durable, reliable, and effective tool.


Function is one of the biggest considerations when buying a tactical knife. You think of what you can do with it like everyday outdoor tasks or for hunting. It must be easy to use and can perform its function with relative ease.

Some people prefer the functionality of a manual folding tactical knife because it’s a lot safer to keep and use when needed. Others want the spring-assisted tech on their tool to quickly pull it out when a task requires it.

It would also be good to look out the carry on options for the knife you bought. Knives can either be attached to your belt clip or fit inside you jean pocket. Get a knife which suits your preference when you carry it.

Finish TasksCKc_Pen_Knife

A tactical knife should be able to help you finish tasks anywhere. Whether you work at the police station or setting up camp in the mountains, it must effectively cut through stuff to your liking. It would also be great if it has additional features that are specific to the tasks you will be handling.

You can find a knife that can open bottles, break glass, or other utility tasks that need to be done. Those are just some of the things you need to consider the next time you go out to look for a new tactical knife.


Toughness & Quality

Companies who manufacture knives create them differently. It might be the materials they use or the manufacturing technology difference between two knife-makers. Whatever it may be it, these will dictate the price and quality of build of the model knife.

Find the top brands that sell top-tier tactical or survival knives to know what you’re getting. It may cost you a little to a lot more money, but, the quality of the knife won’t diminish as quickly for how many number of years you use it.