What Makes a Great Tactical Knife

18828c24fd5eb6c638fdf88b93e442fdAre you a knife enthusiast? You love the way it curves, you love the sharpness of the blade and the kind of steel used as material, these are the things that knife enthusiast look for in a knife. But what makes a great tactical knife and how does it differ from your typical garden variety blade?

Along with your best EMS boots, your tactical knife comprises your first response technology. First responders have to be equipped with the best technology for them to do their jobs well. Without the proper gear, you can’t expect to be effective with first response situations. Lets talk about the tactical knife. Here are some characteristics that you need to look for when in the market for tactical knives.

  1. Overall designWhen the design is cumbersome, you better stay away from it. As always, simplicity and functionality come first compared to the beauty of the thing. When you need to respond to emergency situation, you don’t want to be cumbered by unnecessary decorations in the knife.
  2. The handleThe handle should fit your hands properly and it should not slide. There are times that your hands are wet and if the knife does now have enough corrugations to hold your hands in place. If it doesn’t, it could easily fall off or your hands can slide towards the blade and you get wounded in the process.
  3. The bladeNeedless to say, the knife must be sharp and it must be able to hold its sharpness even in the most demanding situations. Although you need to sharpen your knife from time to time, it must be well tempered in order to hold the sharpness for a long time.
  4. The materialThere are many kinds of steel but there are a few that is suitable for knife purposes. Ask the manufacturer the kind of steel that they are using to make the knife and know if this is suitable material for it.
  5. The sizeThe knife must be big enough for its intended purpose but small enough to comfortably carry. When its too big, it will be too heavy to carry everyday. When its too small, it might not serve its purpose.

At the end of the day, what you want to have is the one you are comfortable carrying all the time. Most of the time, good designs come from good and reputable companies. Although knives are mostly used for mundane task, there might come a time that you will need it for emergency purposes and when you do, you need it to just work.