The Most Important Knives to Have for a Camping Trip

When you have been going on camping trips for the number of times, you definitely know how important it is to bring a knife. You know how essential it is to have the most useful and multi-functional knife to aid you with almost everything.


Let’s face it, every time we go out for a camp, we always have something that we forgot to bring. And it’s too late before we realize that we need it. Yet, bringing a knife is definitely something that you don’t want to forget. Why? Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons why you shouldn’t forget to bring one.

Camping Knife and it’s Uses

When you are out for a camp, you certainly expect that you don’t have the comfort of your own home. It’s even more about survival and away from home challenge. And the best camping knife is one of the must haves.

Here are some of the uses of a camping knife.

It’s for cutting. Yes. Being out in the wild for a camp really requires too much cutting. You have to cut ropes, branches and even bandages in case you get cuts and sprains. Not to forget about cutting when preparing your food.

It’s for survival and safety. You can’t deny it, having a knife during emergency situations will make a lot of sense. It can also be added to your first aid kit. You also aren’t sure about your own safety outdoors, thus having a good quality knife will bring you peace of mind.

It’s for Hunting. If you are up for some food hunting adventure during your camp time, then you really need to have a camping knife to help you.

Best Knives when Camping

Gerber Air Ranger

It’s a great pocket super-duty knife with a blade of about 3 inches long and weighs only about 2.6 ounces. It can do a lot of work, from cutting to opening the rib cage of a deer your captured when you hunt.


knife2This is one of the cost-effective options. It’s sharp and multi-purpose. It is made of carbon and stainless steel. Very useful for cutting, slicing, dicing and whole lot more.

Laguiole Folder

It has a spear point and a very flexible blade. It’s one of the oldest knives for centuries now, aiding hunters and campers everywhere.

DiamondBlade Pinnacle I Skinner

It’s a combination of having the best design and usability. It’s known as one of the sharpest camping knife to have. Thus, be cautious when using it.

There are still too many knives that you can choose from. They come in many sizes, design and cost. When you make the final decision of going out for a camp, start looking for the best knife to buy. You can check out the internet for reviews and suggestions for your own reference. Having the best quality knife is definitely beneficial to a camper like you.