The Best Hunting Arrow for Taking Down Prey


Any hunter worth his salt knows that choosing the best arrow for the best bow is crucial in taking down a prey. If you are following some of the best bow reviews, you can be sure to find out that they also mention the best arrow to go with the bow that they are reviewing. Even with a single pin bow sight, you still need a decent arrow to shoot with greater accuracy. Any bow is just as good as the arrow it fires.

So what makes a good arrow? What sets it apart from the garden variety ones? This is not to shove my ideas of what a good arrow is, but there are really what hunters consider as standard of what a good one is. That being said, here are some of what I believe makes a good arrow for taking down your next prey.

  1. It must not make a lot of noise

    Most hunter will agree that this is perhaps the most important thing to consider. Its really frustrating when you have been tracking your prey for hours and when you’re about to shoot, it runs away because of the noise generated by the draw. To solve this, you must choose the arrow that is made from quiet materials. This will include dampeners that is designed to silence the string of the bow.

  2. The weight of the draw must be just right

    Although a bit variable and highly debatable among hunters, a draw weight of around 40-50 pounds is the generally accepted range. This will already give you a lot of leeway as regard your prey. If you are hunting for bigger game, 50 pounds is the most advisable but if you are hunting for rabbits and turkey, you can’t go wrong with 40 pounds.

  3. It needs to be the right lenght

    The reason behind this is that the longer the arrow, the more accurate is the shot. If you have a minimum lenght of 58 inches, you are good. But if you can get a longer arrow, the better.

  4. Must be easy to carry

    This might seem obvious, but carrying a set of bow and arrow is a bit of a hazzle. This means that if you have a vehicle to carry your bow and arrow, the better.

So now you have a good idea what a good arrow looks like. I can already picture you taking down the next prey. Speaking of prey, you need to consider it also when choosing an arrow. You need a different arrow when you are hunting for pigs and a different arrow when hunting down turkeys.