What’s the Best Tactical Knife?

For people who’ve seen all three The Expendables Movie Jason Statham’s character, Lee Christmas, loves knives. He had a lot of fighting scenes where he used knives to deliver the final blow to his enemies.

The knife took center stage in the movie which is much like a scene at a bar where a group of men who love the outdoors or work a hazardous job discuss about knives they own. Its machismo overload as they try to see which of their tactical knives is actually better.

Military men and outdoor enthusiasts share a lot of things in common and one of them is the need to have a tactical knife as a part of their gear. A handy tactical knife is crucial since it can help them carry out a lot of tasks needed for their job and prevent them from getting harmed while on duty.

These reasons compel them to research for the best tactical knife money can buy. However, a lot of factors need to be considered when buying a tactical knife. You have to look for certain characteristics that make it a durable, reliable, and effective tool.


Function is one of the biggest considerations when buying a tactical knife. You think of what you can do with it like everyday outdoor tasks or for hunting. It must be easy to use and can perform its function with relative ease.

Some people prefer the functionality of a manual folding tactical knife because it’s a lot safer to keep and use when needed. Others want the spring-assisted tech on their tool to quickly pull it out when a task requires it.

It would also be good to look out the carry on options for the knife you bought. Knives can either be attached to your belt clip or fit inside you jean pocket. Get a knife which suits your preference when you carry it.

Finish TasksCKc_Pen_Knife

A tactical knife should be able to help you finish tasks anywhere. Whether you work at the police station or setting up camp in the mountains, it must effectively cut through stuff to your liking. It would also be great if it has additional features that are specific to the tasks you will be handling.

You can find a knife that can open bottles, break glass, or other utility tasks that need to be done. Those are just some of the things you need to consider the next time you go out to look for a new tactical knife.


Toughness & Quality

Companies who manufacture knives create them differently. It might be the materials they use or the manufacturing technology difference between two knife-makers. Whatever it may be it, these will dictate the price and quality of build of the model knife.

Find the top brands that sell top-tier tactical or survival knives to know what you’re getting. It may cost you a little to a lot more money, but, the quality of the knife won’t diminish as quickly for how many number of years you use it.

The Best Knives to Aid in Hunting

Any hunter knows how important it is to carry the most ideal knife when hunting. It should be a kind of knife that can effectively perform and works on every task needed. For hunters, having the best knife is practically everything.


However, do you know that finding best knife can still be hard? It’s probably true that there’s no such thing as a perfect hunting knife. But there are still some that can do the job well. Keep in mind that there’s no single size that fits all. Different hunting knives come in many types and designs. You just need to know which one works for you seamlessly.

In order to help you understand how to find the right knife to bring when you’re hunting, it is important that you have the idea of the best knives and all their useful features.

What to Look for

It’s perfectly true, the hard part when hunting is not about tracking or taking your target down. The truth is, after taking down your trophy whether it’s a boar or a deer or something else, you need to dress it and clean it. That’s probably the most challenging part of hunting and the real work really starts. That’s exactly the reason why you need to have the best knife with you.

But how are you going to know which one to get and what to look for? There are several factors that you need to take a look at according to Pelletgunguru.com. First, what are you hunting for? Are you after from huge prey or fowls or ducks or birds? It will then make a good sense that you choose the kind of knife that can get the job done for you. Second, how often do you go for hunting? The frequency of using the knife would make a difference. In that case, choosing the most sturdy and high quality one is a great idea.

Best Knives to Choose from

Following are some of the best knives that you can consider when you’re planning to buy one for your next hunting activity.

ESEE Knives LSP Laser Strike Fixed Blade Knife with Canvas Micarta Handles

This is one of the most unique and considered as a top hunting knife that many hunters love. It has an innovative design, sleek and very clean looking blade. Its edge is made of a carbon material that can maintain its sharpness in a long period of time.

Diamondblade Traditional Hunter

diamondbladeThis is one beautiful hunting knife you could ever have. With its spear-point, drop-point hybrid tip, it can do the stripping and skinning like a real machine. Yet, it is one of the most expensive knives that you can bring for hunting.

Morakniv Mora of Sweden Clipper

If you are looking for something that’s budget-friendly, this is your best option. But it’s also works great just like any other expensive knives. It has a high-carbon blade that would perfectly for skinning with ease.

There are certainly a lot of options that are available in the market. Make a good comparison and see which one works for your kind of hunting and your budget!



Specialty Knives for Scuba Diving

It is not only about having a good specialty knife for scuba diving, it is also about having the one that fits your needs and goes well with your gear.  As a scuba diver, you know the importance of carrying a good knife with you during your adventures. They are a necessary gear if you want to make your experience a pretty good one.  Let’s briefly discuss what are some the best specialty knives for scuba diving.  From there, you can make a decision on which ones would you like to get for yourself.

But before we do that, let us delve into what must you look for in a dive knife.


Picking the best material can be a tricky task since there are certain aspects that you need to consider.  Alas, you might not find a knife that meets them all.  A knife made of titanium or other specialty steels will strongly resist corrosion but will not have the resistant required to keep it sharp.  A stainless steel one, on the other hand, guarantees and edge but will corrode more easily in salty waters.


The size of the knife you want is important.  A large knife might be best for a better grip, but a small one will cut just as well as a large man.

Rust resistant

Titanium and some steel alloys provide a great resistance to corrosion.  It is, however, important that you take special care of your knife to prevent corrosion.  Rinse your knife right after getting out of the ocean with clean water making sure that you remove all salt remains in it.

Blade design

This largely depends on what you are going to be using your knife for.  Make sure that your knife has a good hand grip and that you will safely keep it without falling.  If you are going to be performing activities that require heavy cutting and sawing, go for a rugged knife, with a thick blade, and great grip.  If you are taking one just for small emergencies such as cutting off alga entanglements, then you can go for a more compact one.  You might feel tempted to getting yourself a foldable design.  This is all right but keep in mind that most foldable knives will require you to use both hands to open them.  Attempting this with one hand might pose a cut hazard on you.

Now, these are some general designs that you can choose from:

Pointed Tip

Use this knife for spearfishing.  They are usually thing and easy to carry.  Just make sure you do not pierce through your equipment with it.

Blunt Tip

These are more suitable for prying and digging.  It is, of course, safer than the pointed tip as there is no risk of puncturing the diving gear.

Compact or BCD

These can easily be attached to a BCD or a hose.  They are very practical, especially when traveling.


Use these to cut through algae or plants. They are the best for precise cutting underwater.

If you want to get the best specialty knives for scuba diving and the best snorkel gear, look for the professionals and the best retail seller.  Think of your satisfaction and your safety.


What Makes the Best Tactical Tomahawk

Obviously, not all people are actually interested and would talk about tactical tomahawks. For some, it is nothing but an ancient weapon. Thus, you don’t really find much information about tomahawks everywhere. What they are used for and how to find the best one.

tactical tomahawk

Currently, there are many kinds of tactical tomahawks. They come in different designs, sizes, uses and even the material they are made of. If you are planning to get one and been struggling to know about which one to go. Then all these might help you.

What is a Tactical Tomahawk

Tomahawks were first used by the Native Americans as a weapon during the Vietnam War. It’s a single-handed axe and normally used as a thrown weapon.  But recently, tactical tomahawks emerged which law enforcement and the military community finds it useful. It’s a great survival weapon which can be used for cutting, chopping, splitting and even for hunting.

Since tactical tomahawks are starting to become very popular these days, you’ll find tons of options available in the market. In which as a result, it would be hard for some to know which one is the best for them. In order to help you out, we probably have to know, what makes the best tactical tomahawk?

What Makes the Best Tactical Tomahawk?

This is that main question that we all need to ask. Here are some things that you need to consider in order to answer that question.


Whether you’d go for a long or a short handle for a tomahawk, it doesn’t matter. What matter is, how you’d intend to use it? Long handle tomahawk gives more leverage and will allow you to put more force to swing. But it’s absolutely heavier than and not as compact as the short handle one. Short handled tomahawks however, are a bit handy and can be used in close areas. And it’s easy to carry and pack.


One other thing that you need to consider when choosing the best tactical tomahawk is its poll or the backside. These days, the most common tomahawk design has a spiked back. It’s not really far from a flat or a rounded back, but still can give you additional usage such as piercing.

Cutting Side

What makes a tomahawk is of course its cutting edge. Your choice again will depend on how you want to use it. A tomahawk with longer cutting edge is absolutely heavy, which is very useful when chopping and cutting of woods. Today, latest tactical tomahawks have circular or rounded cutouts, making it less heavy, but still with the same cutting ability.

tactical tom

Choosing the Best

The number one key in choosing the best tactical tomahawk is to know what to use it for.  There are so many tactical tomahawks in the market and it would be hard to choose if you don’t have the right knowledge about it. Remember, what might be the best for someone may not be the best for you. You can always visit your nearest tomahawk shop and tell them what you need. They probably are knowledgeable enough to assist you and tell you which one is the best for you.