About Us

Welcome to The Tinker’s Knives! My name is Andrew Dickinson, a blade enthusiast. I love collecting different kinds of sharp and cutting tools such as knives, swords and axes. I like cutting things in one sharp blow. No, do not fear! I don’t cut people! By the way, I’m also an owner of a small shop selling construction tools and the like. I’m living with my family here at Kansas. When I’m not doing anything, or during my store’s wee hours, I’m writing for this website.

The Tinker’s Knives will focus about sharp tools in general. Things like kitchen knives, their different sizes, uses, capabilities, specifications and more. I’ll also write about tips on using them to make sure you use it to its full potential. In addition, I will also write maintenance tips and tricks to make sure that you can preserve your blades in its pristine state as long as possible.

Aside from blade use, maintenance and types, we will also discuss about safety usage of blades, their storage as well as many other things related to them in general. Other things that you will find here are historic facts, usage and background of how our cutting tools shaped the world. Think about it, we’re not just talking about cooking tools and utensils here, we are also talking about deadly blades like swords, spears and the like. Isn’t it fascinating to know that there are more things to discover about these cutting tools?

That’s all about it for now. I hope you’ll enjoy collecting, using and maintaining your collection of sharp and cutting tools.